Hot Life Hot Love 

The 2-Day Live Event is coming!

Stop Walking on Eggshells,
Start being Loved, Adored & Cherished!


  • August 6 & 7, 2016

    Pleasanton, CA



One Weekend Can Show You How To Get The Love, Support and  Success that You long for.

Many women dream of having a wonderful life partner, raising healthy thriving kids, and enjoying meaningful well paying work, but can’t seem to live the life they deeply desire.  

Many women get stuck in their doubt and overwhelm, and end up feeling discouraged and alone, thinking that their dreams are difficult if not imposssible to reach in this lifetime.

If you 're ready to create the life you deeply desire, read on to learn more about my 2-Day Hot Life Hot Love Live Event.

Create Your Life with Ease!

The Hot Life Hot Love Event was designed to give you the know-how, confidence and inspiration to bring in the love of your life, learn how to cultivate a lasting and hot relationship, and directly apply this into all aspects of your life. Resulting in you having more love and support; making more money; commanding respect; and having a much greater impact in the world.

During the Hot Life Hot Love Event, you will discover how to:
- Reclaim your birthright as a woman to be loved, adored, and cherished.
- Discover the 3 Elements that allow you to be your most powerful, sexy, and confident self.
- Stop working so hard and open up to receiving love so you feel yummy and soft!
- Call in the love of your life and learn how to cultivate a lasting and hot relationship.

Women who've gone through this 2-day event have experienced changes in their careers as well, including
- Making more money.
- Commanding more respect.
- Being more supported.
- Having a much greater impact in the world.

The feedback is consistent:
“Powerful.  Essential.  Life-changing.  Inspiring.”

Live 2-Day Event

The Hot Life Hot Love 2-Day Live event is designed to get you the love, support, and success that you long for.

  • DAY 1
  • Understanding How You Got Here

    We’ll identify why you’re working so hard and not getting the love, support, and success that you want.

  • Reconnect With Your Birthright

    You aren’t here on this earth to struggle and suffer. You are meant for something much better – and in this session you’ll discover what that is.

  • Overcome Your Resistance To Let Love & Success In

    The barriers to getting what you want are inside of you. You’ll learn exactly what to do to open yourself up, receive more, and get what you want.

  • Understanding Men and Their Role with You

    We’ll show you how men are here to serve you, to love you, to help you heal. You will discover that there are great men all around you.

  • DAY 2
  • Receive Fully

    Receiving is vulnerable and brings up shame, guilt, and unworthiness. We’ll work through all that so you can receive joyfully.

  • Surrender & Stop Killing Relationships

    We sabotage our own relationships without even knowing it. I’ll show you exactly how you do that and how to stop this pattern so you can have lasting love.

  • Step Into Your Power & Rock Your Business

    Women have given away our power and it’s time to reclaim it. You will get a road map to how to attract more clients, make more money, and do it with ease and fun

  • Putting It All Together

    You’ll go home with the new hot life and hot love that you’ve always wanted! We’ll create a vision of who you will be, what you will have, and how you will be supported.


Apply for Full Scholarship via a Seat Deposit for August 6 & 7, 2016
In Pleasanton, California

Featuring: Mai Vu

 Master Coach & International Speaker


This Weekend Is Valued at $997. Apply For A Full Scholarship Via Seat Deposit Below:

  • August 6th & 7th


    Full Scholarship - Seat Deposit

    • Pleasanton, CA
    • 12 Seats Left 


How Have My Clients Shifted & Created Their Hot Lives? Read On...

  • “The concept of Hot Life Hot Love is so great. It helped me to see what’s possible and what I want, and has also helped me to see how I’ve stopped myself from getting it. Now I am ON FIRE. I feel much more easiness and freedom in my life, am much more loving, and make bolder decisions. And I have a beautiful HOT MAN to enjoy. Hot Life Hot Love has helped me to change the way I look at myself. I am so grateful I went to Mai’s workshop that cold November day in Sweden! And working with Mai is so rich and inspiring. She is so inspiring, warm, funny, open, and simply the best coach I’ve ever had. Hot Life Hot Love is a great event - don’t miss it.”

    Annika I.

  • "I'd like to thank you, Mai, for your brilliant Hot Life Hot Love program. You are doing peace work for this planet. When we women learn to love ourselves, we teach our children to love themselves. They will grow up to be loving men and women. I'm honored to be a part of this communion. And I have a lot of fun living out my hot hot hot life 😉 Thank you. "
    Anna Å.
  • “When I was introduced to my Hot Life Hot Love Event, I said to my sister “This sounds fishy.  It’s too good to be true.”  Well after the 2 day live event, I went home, with tears streaming down my face, I declared an end to my passionless relationship with my man, sold my house, and moved into a new apartment with my daughter.  My husband woke up! Totally cleaned up his act, and in 3 months, he got it.  We are now dating, communicating, and have fallen madly in love with each other again. I am so grateful to you and your event Mai.”

    Ann E.

Apply For A Full Scholarship via a Seat Deposit!

August 6th & 7th Pleasanton, California



Learn More & Get Your Questions Answered By Mai

  • Why a free event? Why the seat deposit? What’s the catch?
    There is no catch. I know that busy moms have many obligations to keep you from coming (i.e. finding childcare for your kids, work duties, other family duties) and it’s easy for you to deny yourself support, love, and guidance by using the excuse "I can't afford it." So I am making it really easy for you to say yes.
    The $97 seat deposit was designed to commit you to come. If you don’t show up, you will lose the $97. If you do show up you will get it back when you get your name badge, no strings attached.  Remember this week-end is valued at $997! So what are you waiting for?
  • What if I can only come one day? 
    If you absolutely can only make it for one day, then it’s best to come on Saturday, but I recommend the full weekend experience.
  • I’ve been to tons of workshops and I’m still struggling! How will this be different?

    I totally get it! I’ve also been to a bunch of workshops that were a waste of time and energy or shared good information but were missing essential how-to-pieces. And, on the other hand, I’ve also invested thousands of dollars in my own training, mentors, and coaches. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the investments I’ve made.

    I’ve seen the clear difference between “typical workshops” and “effective events.” Because I’ve been where you’re at, I’ve specifically designed this event to give you solid tools that will help you learn to receive and let love and success come to you. Ready to sign up?

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